BMW Zagato Coupe

Bangle *spits*, the swear word of BMW styling for a long time, led BMW into a direction that even put me off BMW’s. Thankfully we seem to be seeing the end of that and here see the time-honoured Milanese coachbuilder Zagato team up with BMW to unveil the result of a unique collaboration: the BMW Zagato Coupé – and man it’s a beauty!

The brief for the car was clear from the outset: the BMW Zagato Coupé was to be a “Vmax concept”, a road-registered, aerodynamically optimised machine capable of achieving high speeds yet at the same time meeting all legal requirements and crash-related stipulations – a car that is ready and eager to be driven . This one-off model is the product of many hours of skilled hand-craftsmanship and breathes new life into the tradition of coachbuilding. The body of the BMW Zagato Coupé has been built entirely by hand. As in the past, the new skin was tailored to fit the car‟s mechanical architecture, tracing its lines yet giving it space to breathe. The Zagato experts spent many hours crafting the aluminium sheet metal by hand and meticulously moulding it to give the car its unique form.

The Zagato name tends to give a very long life to vehicles, seeing them rake in many times their original asking price in years to come.
It will be on display at the Concorso d‟Eleganza Villa d‟Este for its world premier

Yes. Please


Z inflections everywhere
Familiar BMW kidney grille



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