MINI 3D Projection hits Sandton

I wasn’t too sure what we were in for last friday night. I knew there was some kind of special edition MINI on the cards, and I’m not a huge fan of these special edition ones. I figure you’ve got enough customisation options available, if you need MINI to make a good looking one up for you, you might as well throw in the towel and go buy a Kia.

A very very wet Nelson Mandela Square played host to some very cool light and projection trickery. I’ve watched many a 3D projection on Youtube, but seeing it live is pretty damn awesome. A job very well done. Something different and new. I took some vids and some pics, check them out below

Some vids here ¬†–

This all to showcase the limited edition MINI Bayswater and MINI Highgate (Convertible).

The car?

The Bayswater’s (named after a famed “vibrant” area in London, features¬†Kite Blue metallic exterior paintwork that was created exclusively for the special-edition model, as was the interior design and 17-inch light-alloy Sandblast wheels with high-gloss black surfaces and bright machined rim and spoke edges. Interior piano black finish on dash as well as chrome finishes on pedals and surrounds.
The Highgate named after a famous shopping district in London and is for all those Sandton shoppers that just HAVE to have everything in sight. It’s extravagant from corner to corner with carefully selected colours and trim so said gurrrll doesn’t have to do a thing

Overall, a job well done and a fun night was had by all. Also, I got to finally meet Barry Tuck, with beautiful Bisset, who’s a limited edition in his own right.

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