My money tried to break up with me …

Getting a “Dear John” letter from your money … it feels like things are moving in the wrong direction, we’re splitting apart, maybe we should start over … O_o


I won’t lie … I never thought I’d be so poor at the ripe old age of 30. I had many dreams of owning a massive house, my dream car (ok tick) and being able to buy whatever I set my eyes on. Unfortunately … real, adult life kicks you in the teeth and brings you down to cheap and nasty earth.

I’ve always managed my money using good old Excel. I downloaded a new excel template (googles excel templates for budgeting) but unfortunately it’s all a bit static, and still not really smart, now is it?

Fortuitously to the launch of the 22Seven campaign I downloaded the app a few weeks back, and have been using it for a while now. I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far, the visualisations are fantastic, but the money situation is far worse than i thought *drains sorrows into glass of wine* but having a easy to understand view of where I’m spending my money, and my current financial situation, is FAR better than that flat online banking profile or the excel doc you’re using now

There’s a lot of categorising I’m still doing on things the app didn’t know what to categorise, but once that’s done i’ll update here.

For now, my money is sorry … finally … it talks. Go download / sign up

and try it for yourself. I was skeptical about handing over my access to online banking but I’ve googled and spoken to all the techies and it’s as safe as your own online banking profile so don’t stress about that. I’m starting over my relationship with my money …


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