A REAL meal revolution

Earlier this year, I decided I need to learn how to cook.


I eat clean, chicken breast, broccoli, caulie mash (fuck you Tm Jokes), and other such wonderful things. But it was getting dry, bland and I really didn’t look forward to mealtime, which if any woman knows, is the way to a man’s dick. I mean heart.


So, my bestie (@hannesPrinsloo) suggested I try this “Daily Dish” story. I wasn’t a fan of his lazy food antics, but this was different to the previous lazy dish services he had tried. He swore by it.

I signed up, online ( and let me tell you something … LIFE. CHANGED.

Listen up cake!
Listen up cake!

A weekly delivery of your meals (dinner) for the week (for either 2 or 4 people) to a location of your choice is done on a Monday. You get all the ingredients wrapped up in the box for the 4 meals. It’s delivered to work / home and just remember to bring a cooler box to take it all home in.

With it, you get the 4 recipies (either low carb, traditional or for those with man buns, vegetarian) which direct you to cooking your delicious meal. Every week is new recipies and you get to vote (Mandela was not freed for nothing) on whether or not you liked the meals.

The great thing is, each meal is proportioned, and the spices are individually packed so you don’t have to head out and buy margorum or cat-eye or frankincense or murr. It’s all there for you. Sauces are all made yourself, which tends to impress the guests or the colleagues at work.

Every night, you grab your menu, you take the ingredients (All fresh and just enough so you’re not wasting), fill a glass of wine, and cook! Cooking = fun.


Generally takes around 45 minutes to an hour. Prep work, cooking and then serving. For me, bachelor style living, I order the meal for 2, and then have enough for lunch the next day. The R700 for the 4 days means it’s R50 per meal (lunch and dinner) per day.

Besides the fact that it’s tons healthier than anything I’m going to try cook myself out of Gordon Fucking Ramsey’s cookbook or Jamie’s 15 minute lies, it’s seriously tasty, and I’m learning to cook different things.


Thank you Daily Dish. You’ve made me enjoy mealtime again. You always call to check if the delivery address is still right on public holidays, and generally your menu is amazing.

If you’re

  • A bachelor and sick of eating woolies meals
  • A couple and want to learn to cook
  • Just generally enjoy food and want to try this


Do yourself a favour and sign up. It changed my life. It’ll change yours.

*note you can pause the service at any time, if you go away for a week, online, and every interaction is swiftly dealt with by credit card transaction or online forms. No hassle.

** also note, this is not a paid for post … it’s a good service done brilliantly … and it’s called earned PR. That’s how it’s done people.

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