Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel Premium Luxury Review

What is it about a Jaguar? People seem to think you’ve hit it big when you arrive in a Jaguar. There’s no drama in a Mercedes E-Class, heaven knows nobody knows the difference between the Audi A6 and a box…

Kia Rio Sedan 1.4Tec

Good lookin' When Kia launced then Rio in SA it gave the Polo, Yaris and Fiesta a real run for their money. Coupling good looks and value for money in this segment isn’t always easy to…

So why #TieThursday

#TieThursday - Being a gentleman A friend of mine (@RyanJans) told me to get involved in #TieThursday. I assumed that CapeTonians clearly don't have enough on their hands what with Zille cleaning the streets and all…

Opel Meriva 1.4T Cosmo

Hello Red I laughed at my colleague and friend Trevor on a previous episode of ZaCarShow, who said he’d happily drive the Meriva around every day. I even asked him if he’d grown a vagina. Well…

Lexus GS450h

Grrrrrrrilllee Why buy a Lexus these days? The Germans are proliferating model ranges, adding letters and numbers to the range at every point and turn. It seems there is no depth to the number of iterations…

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

I’ve always had a certain attraction to the Jeep Wrangler, but after testing the Wrangler back in 2011 with the old 3.8litre engine I was quite disappointed. A kind of “meeting your hero, and being let down” scenario. The engine…

Toyota 86 Pricing confirmed

THE ALL-NEW TOYOTA 86 – YOURS FOR UNDER R300 000 Toyota South Africa Motors has just announced prices of one of the most eagerly awaited cars, the all-new Toyota 86, which officially debuts locally with…

Lexus GS Launch

Grille - Spindly
Stellenbosch and the wineland surrounds played host to the new Lexus GS, which is quite possibly the most anticipated launch of the year for them. The GS is an executive saloon that competes…

BMW 535d

Old meets New
I remember getting my first ride in a BMW 5series way back when. The 540i with its powerful V8, dashboard with more buttons than you could shake a stick at but an incredible…

Subaru XV

Err, what’s this? Well this is the Subaru XV, a new model in the lineup that hopes to compete in the crossover niche that the manufacturers are cashing in on. Screw ironing boards on the bootlid and gold mags, this…

BMW Zagato Coupe

Bangle *spits*, the swear word of BMW styling for a long time, led BMW into a direction that even put me off BMW's. Thankfully we seem to be seeing the end of that and here see the time-honoured Milanese coachbuilder…

Toyota Etios

Smiling Grille
Let me tell you a joke – a seal walks into a club. Let me tell you another joke – The look on VW management’s faces after the first 3 months of Etios Sales…