BMW 320d Sport Line

Red hawt
I have always regarded the BMW 3 series as the ultimate executive saloon. My family has owned 3 of the previous models, so I was eager to see if the new F30 (BMW code…

Toyota Hilux DC Raider D-4D 4×4

Shiny mirrors with indicators.
The best selling vehicle in South Africa, with over 5million units sold internationally. The Polo, the Corolla, the BMW 3 series? Nope. The Toyota Hilux. Astonishing. I had the DC Raider D-4D…

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Badging. Large
When I say bakkie - what do you think? Probably Hilux, or maybe even Isuzu if you're very Afrikaans. Uncomfortable, big, cumbersome and limited in specifications. Not really something you'd want to drive every day?…

VW Jetta 1.4 TSI Highline

And ... Zzzzzzzz
Think about a family car and the Jetta is no doubt one of the most venerable of our time. The most popular model to me was the one based on the Golf 4.…

Lexus IS 350

Pretty. Still.
South Africans are besotted with the german marquees. The BMW 3 series nearly pips the Polo on sales for a single model monthly. On the roads, the Mercedes C-Class, 3Series and A4 are everywhere…

5 Things most people don’t understand about their cars

I recently took a drive with a good friend of mine (it was a female, which has no bearing on the story at all) and we poked fun at each other laughing all the way. Unfortunately this little back and…

Toyota Yaris 1.3 XS – 3 Door

When Toyota first launched the Yaris it filled a much-needed gap, and took the VW Polo head on. The Yaris offered more, least of which was all the positive connotations that the Toyota nameplate brings, but it also offered a…

Ford Kuga AWD 2.5 Trend

The fuel price has reached an all time high, and then of course there are the E-tolls threatening to pinch even more pennies from the salaries of joburg motorists. If there were ever a time that a vehicle’s fuel consumption…

Citroen DS4 THP 200 Sport

B&W Citroens. Stunning
Go back in time and you’ll be surprised to see how influential Citroen cars have been on the design of other vehicles. They aren’t classically beautiful, but the quirky design of most of…

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Overland

The SUV market is a tough one to stay competitive in. The yanks have had it especially tough considering their big burly V8’s, custard on-road dynamics and boxy styling have all taken a knock. Not only have BMW, Lexus &…

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser Sport

Off road this thing is amazing
What might be the biggest shock to the Toyota family last year was the launch of the FJ, a vehicle with the Land Cruiser range. The looks still turns heads…

Kia Picanto 1.2 EX

If you’ve ever rented a car in South Africa, you’ve no doubt driven the last generation Kia Picanto, and no doubt wept a little whilst driving it. Thankfully, the new Picanto is here, which means less tears, and more happiness.…